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Monster of Monterey Cover

The Monster of Monterey Bay – Santa Cruz, CA

Plesiosauria¬†Columba domestica “The Monster of Monterey” is inspired by the history, places and myths of Monterey Bay. Its humorous construction is taken from the 20th century stories of sea monsters found washed ashore. Its body is a larger than life pigeon skeleton combined with the tail, flippers and skull of a Plesiosaur suspended from the long boom of a luffing… Read more →

Archimedes’ Goose

Archimedes’ Goose, a majestically gangling¬†zeppelin hybrid is now on its roost in Vista California. The piece will be exhibited from now (May 2014) through next year. Its skeletal form is fabricated in high density polyethelene and mounted atop a steel post. It is also for sale through the city, so you can snatch it up before it floats away!

Unnatural History

Consider that the fossil record humans leave behind will necessarily include those fossilized things from human prehistory which were excavated and preserved for scientific study. Fossils of species extinct for millions of years during the human time span will exist in the same strata as the remnants of a technologically advanced human society. Should our written history dissolve over the… Read more →