Now and Then


Now and Then Viewer at Holly St. and Marengo Ave.

Welcome to the My Pasadena Now and Then Project Page. Now and Then is part of a yearlong series called My Pasadena, funded by the National Endowment for the Arts and organized by the City of Pasadena Public Art Program in partnership with Side Street Projects.

Arnold and Ctystle Martin of Absurd Realities with Emily Hopkins of Side Street Projects

Arnold and Crystle Martin researched and developed this project to connect residents and visitors to Pasadena’s civic center to the visual past through 3D stereoscopy, allowing individuals to take a step back in time before the middle 20th century to experience unique aspects of Pasadena’s Civic, Cultural and Industrial heritage.


Through three stereo viewers in the historic Pasadena Civic Center of Pasadena CA, visitors can glimpse 3D images of the city’s past. Each of the images shows a unique take on the life and times of the residents of historic Pasadena over the past century, from its beginnings as a collection of fruit orchards to a getaway for wealthy entrepreneurs and the beginnings of a vibrant Los Angeles foothill community.



Everyday Life















Explore the city’s past through three themes: Everyday Life, Industry and Recreation. Then share your stories of Pasadena here or on one of the theme pages!

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