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A Monument to Curiosity

  The large scale Curiosity sculpture is here! Well, actually it is in Pasadena California, and just in time for its big brother’s first brithday on the surface of mars. This piece is made from waterjet cut HDPE plastic fastened together with aluminum angles and a variety of fasteners. The piece is on display in Pasadena at the corner of… Read more →

555 Timer Stool

Massive 555 IC Timers

These larger than life 555 timers were designed and fabricated at the request of a private client. The client spotted a similar design on the Evil Mad Science Website and requested me to create these pieces as a result. They are solid laminated construction from CNC cut 3/4″ Baltic birch plywood, pinned and glued together. They were then sanded, patched,… Read more →

Brooke Candy Headstone Crown

This piece was a awesome challenge for me and the Replicator 2. Art Director Eric Meija of The Picture Show Company provided a great set of detailed concepts for an addition to this stage piece that he designed. The concepts were processed first through Blender to block in the polygonal surfaces and then exported through Autocad into Inventor to produce… Read more →

Games+Learning+Society Awards Trophy Design

For the 2013 Games+Learning+Society conference I was commissioned to design a set of award trophies to recognize great work presented at the conference. The final design came to fruition with consultation with Matthew Berland, Don Davis on electronics and Caro Williams the conference coordinator. I modeled all of the parts and mechanism in Autodesk Inventor, 3D printed everything on my… Read more →

Interactive Kitty Cat Prototype

This 3D printed Kitty Cat is a design I created for the LA Makerspace for a private class presented to a group of toy industry executives. The hands-on seminar style class focused on the activities of the open-source and maker communities with a TinkerCAD 3D modeling section presented by Eain Bankins, a 3D Printing demo with my Replicator 2 and… Read more →

Under the Surface – Dejope Hall UW Madison

A collaborative work with Gail Simpson and Aris Georgiades of Actual Size Artworks. This piece was 3d modeled from a historic map of Lake Mendota in Madison Wisconsin and fabricated in 13 modular sections each of which is between 3 and 13 3/4″ acrylic plastic layers thick. The acrylic is all CNC cut and assembled by American Acrylic in Milwaukee… Read more →