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Unnatural History

Consider that the fossil record humans leave behind will necessarily include those fossilized things from human prehistory which were excavated and preserved for scientific study. Fossils of species extinct for millions of years during the human time span will exist in the same strata as the remnants of a technologically advanced human society. Should our written history dissolve over the… Read more →

Sketches for Unnatural History

Some photoshop mashups as sketches for a new series of unnatural history. Imagine the kinds of early misinterpretations possible if paleontologists in a million years recovered our fossil record including those things we have unearthed and placed in museums along with our own physical record of human creation and engineering. These two sketches are for sculptures that I see taking… Read more →


IN-KOM-PRI-HEN-SUH-BUHL statement Art is a contemporary practice which operates uniquely in the realm of ideas or all things imaginable to the human mind. It is a question driven practice and not a means to an end but rather an end in itself because art can create possibilities which are otherwise unimaginable for their frivolity or absurdity. In this sense art… Read more →