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Monster of Monterey Cover

The Monster of Monterey Bay – Santa Cruz, CA

Plesiosauria¬†Columba domestica “The Monster of Monterey” is inspired by the history, places and myths of Monterey Bay. Its humorous construction is taken from the 20th century stories of sea monsters found washed ashore. Its body is a larger than life pigeon skeleton combined with the tail, flippers and skull of a Plesiosaur suspended from the long boom of a luffing… Read more →

Archimedes’ Goose

Archimedes’ Goose, a majestically gangling¬†zeppelin hybrid is now on its roost in Vista California. The piece will be exhibited from now (May 2014) through next year. Its skeletal form is fabricated in high density polyethelene and mounted atop a steel post. It is also for sale through the city, so you can snatch it up before it floats away!


A Monument to Curiosity

  The large scale Curiosity sculpture is here! Well, actually it is in Pasadena California, and just in time for its big brother’s first brithday on the surface of mars. This piece is made from waterjet cut HDPE plastic fastened together with aluminum angles and a variety of fasteners. The piece is on display in Pasadena at the corner of… Read more →

Mammuthustyranahelikosaurus Ver2.0

MHT in Creature at the Gallery Project

Mammuthustyranahelikosaurus lives again! After a tragic fire last summer that destroyed a bunch of my physical work I have started to build my pieces out of a new lighter material. This is the MHT in hexcell paperboard shortly after install at the Gallery Project in Ann Arbor Michigan. The show is called Creature and was curated by Heather Accurso also… Read more →

Honeycomb Paperboard, CNC Cut

Bookless at Madison Public Library

Skulking Dragon is a new piece for a temporary exhibit at the Madison Public Library. The space is about to undergo a major renovation and Trent Miller, who coordinates art programming for the library system, convinced them to open the space up to the many local artists. There is some great work in this show including a monstrous dragon skeleton… Read more →