IN-KOM-PRI-HEN-SUH-BUHL installation images part 1

Installation views of IN-KOM-PRI-HEN-SUH-BUHL.

Many of these pieces contain peep holes which allow a viewer to see inside of the crates. The basic idea of these works is to manipulate the notion of what art objects are or can be to explore the broader concept of the interplay between our perception and reason; both tools which generate knowledge. The confrontation of crates, which are tangentially related to art objects by their transport, as art objects in and of themselves causes one to rethink what an art object can be, thus using expectation and reason to thwart perception. Many of these crates also contain peep holes which function as view ports to their interior. The reality of these internal views is dissonant with that of the exterior of the crate as well as with a viewer’s expectations. In this way the fantastic possibilities of the mind are laid out though playful interaction between one’s reason, expectation, and perception.