MHT in Creature at the Gallery Project

Mammuthustyranahelikosaurus lives again! After a tragic fire last summer that destroyed a bunch of my physical work I have started to build my pieces out of a new lighter material. This is the MHT in hexcell paperboard shortly after install at the Gallery Project in Ann Arbor Michigan. The show is called Creature and was curated by Heather Accurso also of Ann Arbor. You can find her work here. I will also update this post with a link to the Gallery Project’s archive of the exhibit when it is posted on their website.

Any time you begin working with a new material there is a learning curve. I thought I had jumped that curve in one fell swoop when I made the Skulking Dragon for Bookless at the Madison Public Library this past January. It was many times more complicated, heavier, and came off without a single hitch. To make a long story short, I got a little overconfident with this one and ended up driving all the way back to Ann Arbor before the opening to shore up some pieces that failed in the new material. Live and learn. Apparently the show went great after the minor mishap with this monstrosity. Or at least the Ann Arbor news thought so!